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It’s free for businesses.

We want to make tipping easy, so Tip Wallet is fee-free. No setup costs, subscriptions, or contracts, just tipping that works for your customers, staff and businesses.

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Better customer service.

Easier tipping means happier staff, better service and improved customer satisfaction - your business benefits at no extra cost.

Tip staff in your favour.

Easy tipping helps you hire - and keep - great staff. Wages topped up with tips can make all the difference.

Simple, automatic payouts

Tips are automatically paid to staff, keeping accounting simple and taking pain out of managing staff tips.

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No NIC on tips.
Not to your business.
Not to your staff.

Customers who tip employees directly reduce National Insurance Contributions (NIC). This saves the business 13.8% and the staff 12% NIC on every tip.

Get closer to your customers.

Tip Wallet provides an independent and secure way for customers to tip staff, promoting trust and loyalty.

Performance managed teams.

Get access to staff performance data which can be used to improve customer service and drive sales.

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It's what they’re waiting for.

Tell your staff to download the Tip Wallet Serve app today to start getting tips directly from your customers. Tips they recieve are paid straight into their bank the next working day.

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Tell customers you're fair with staff tips.

Tip Wallet is transparent and direct. Tips always go to the right person. Support the service industry now by downloading the Tip Wallet app (and tipping).

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